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PE “Videocomproekt” developed a special device in the field of satellite monitoring and tracking systems, monitoring and control systems of transport, as well as any mobile objects in real time, regardless of weather conditions, geographical location and time of day.

Becoming a user of our system you get a first-class, professional, certified system, was tracked by satellite monitoring and control of mobile objects. Satellite monitoring helps to control the location, as well as ensure the safety of any mobile object, whether an employee, courier, car, valuable cargo, at any time, day or night, anywhere in the world. Satellite tracking is carried out round the clock. In addition, satellite tracking and monitoring has access to control the location of objects through your personal online office.

The system is extremely easy to use and consists of three components: Tracker, server and personal account access.

Tracker – control and monitoring of the location of the device, transmits the coordinates of the location and all of the current data on the system for mobile communication channels (GSM), where this information is processed for the user interface and saved. Information may be transmitted over GSM-communication channel (GPRS and SMS). This is possible thanks to the GSM sim-card installed in your device positioning control. The system processes the data, records and stores them in its database for your further analysis and reporting on certain criteria.

The user enters his Cabinet online, using the Internet, and view the received and processed data from the device, the current location on the map, the geography of his movements for a certain period, and many other data.

Business Management System will allow you to organize the employees to perform effectively. Monitor business processes as well as their analysis and optimization based on the actual values of the indicators run-time resource utilization. It allows you to get the maximum effect from the production and economic, financial and economic activities.

Your opportunities:

  • Maintain control of the location of one or more devices in real-time
  • Monitor all the necessary parameters of mobile object during movement (speed, distance, duration of stops, movement history)
  • Control deviation from route tracking device
  • Having an automated reporting system routes
  • Receive automatic reports on the inlet and outlet of the observed object of the installed your control zones, for a certain period
  • Edit personal data and device data (sim-card number in the device, an icon to identify the device map, the device name, device data)
  • To see the exact location of the objects observed in real time on the map of your region
    Monitor the status of the sensors installed on the mobile site
  • To receive timely notification on your mobile phone on the inlet or outlet of the specified geographical zone safety
  • Receive automatic reports on the movements of the tracking device for a certain period
  • View a complete history of all movements of the object for any period
  • Create groups for more convenient use of a private office with a large number of devices